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Once all struggles are grasped, miracles are possible.

Now a day as we see international students want to achieve big targets to get highly paid by companies. But to become employer of company in the United States of America it contains lots of struggle. We all know government first give opportunities to their citizen to make them worth more and then come foreign students. The most common problem faced by every international student is not getting correct guidelines and knowledge for their career which also results the candidate is demoralized and can quit its beautiful journey without achieving.

Here at” Career Ghost”, we are huge family and we are very passionate to give best guidelines help to every international student who want to achieve something big. As America also give huge amount of opportunities to explore qualities that you have, also helps in achieving your big targets, as we know opportunities have tough competition and black side is sometimes Unemployment. At the “Career Ghost”, we are the best team and give you best output and knowledge to boost your career.

When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless.

To achieve something no one can stop you in the journey of your dreams, “Career Ghost” can be your best career coach. We are fully experienced and have top level knowledge about this market. In placement area we have great contacts with thousands of employers who identify the real talent. ”Career Ghost” is the great support between employer and the employee. We have great experience and helped lots of students to have satisfying placements.

“Career Ghost” offers you a great stage to international students to showcase your talent and get connect with the right employer as per your educational background. We have thousands of international students who are happily placed with the help of “Career Ghost”. Our main motive is to provide support for international candidates on OPT jobs, CPT jobs, F1 jobs, STEM jobs. Our main target is how international students can grab H1B sponsorship to build their future in bright way.

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In this service our marketing group will connect with thousands of employers in just few taps. By processing you job designation we stick out the best employers in job market and we ensures that everyone get the best outcome.

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A good resume is the master key to unlock your all dream jobs. A good resume will surely grab more attention of employer and can get clear knowledge about your skills.

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Here we approach a best of training and placement program along which you can get trained under by our excellent qualified and most dominant trainers.

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With our professional and well-formed team of resume marketing, reach out the right employers through your desire location or job description.

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